Photo of the Regency Town House front aspect

The Regency Town House is a grade I listed terraced house. It was built in the mid-1820s. It is being developed as a heritage centre and museum. It will focus on the architecture and social history of Brighton & Hove between 1780 and 1850.

During the Regency period Brighton was the provincial capital of fashionable British society. It was Europe's foremost seaside spa. That legacy is today reflected in the city's rich architectural heritage. Brighton & Hove has many grand Regency terraces and elegant back streets.

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My House My Street

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Lower Market Street signIf you are interested in the history of your house and street, the MyHouseMyStreet project is for you. Explore the project at MyHouseMyStreet or contact us to get involved.

Bevan and Dewar letters

Insight into Regency Brighton

Bevan family letterTake a look at our collection of transcribed letters, written from 1824 to 1870, which provide an insight into family life during the late-Regency period.

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New views of 1820s Brighton

Discover our detailed transcription of le Comte de la Garde's articles 'Eight Days at Brighton' and our translation of his later volume 'Brighton; scènes détachées d'un voyage en Angleterre'.